You Can Help!
Did you know that the Rebecca Nurse Homestead is run by an entirely volunteer group? Every little helps! Here are a few ideas of areas we are currently in need. Please contact us for more information or to discuss how you would like to help the Homestead.

Do you have a green thumb?
We are currently hoping to improve upon our Kitchen Garden. We are looking for help to research, plan, and implement an 18th century kitchen garden. Anyone willing to put in the time and come in to help work the garden is more than welcome to harvest what you grow!!!
As our garden is quite large any help with the occasional weeding and upkeep is also greatly appreciated!!

History buff?
We are always in need of people to help with guided tours. This would be the perfect thing for a retired teacher! We are lucky enough to host many school children studying local history and the Witchcraft Hysteria. Ideally we are looking for people available on the occasional weekday morning in the spring and fall, but those available on the weekends or in the summer are helpful as well!

Anyone interested in getting their hands dirty?
The Nurse Homestead requires a lot of upkeep. Anything from raking, to straightening fences, weeding, sweeping or touching up paint. A host of small projects are always in need of doing. If you are able bodied and looking to lend a hand let us know what your skill please drop us a line!