A brief overview of the rich history surrounding the Homestead Property

Pre 1636
Grounds were a popular hunting ground used by local Native Americans.
Original 300 acre parcel is settled by Townsend Bishop who is said to have built a “mansion” on the property.
Reverend Allen leases the property to the Nurse Family. Rebecca, her husband Francis, and a few of their 8 children move to the property and begin making vast improvements as well as a very well producing farm.
Rebecca Nurse is accused of practicing witchcraft and is tried and hanged during the Salem Village Witchcraft Hysteria.
After both his mother and father have passed away, Samuel Nurse retains the home and carries out the remainder of the lease.
Francis Nurse (Rebecca’s great grandson) an officer in the local Danvers militia, responds from the Nurse family home to the alarm at Lexington and Concord.
Benjamin Nurse becomes the last Nurse to live on the property as he sells it to Phineas Putnam.
Salem Local Sarah Hunt campaigns and fundraises to purchase the Nurse homestead with the intent to preserve it as a museum. It is given over to the Rebecca Nurse Memorial Association
The Nurse Home is historically restored by Joseph Everett Chandler, the same architect who also restored such properties as the Paul Revere House and the House of Seven Gables.
The home is turned over to SPNEA, the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (Now known as Historic New England).
Danvers Alarm List CO purchases the Rebecca Nurse Homestead and continues to run and maintain the property.