Revolutionary Theatre Company

The Rebecca Nurse Homestead is proud to present The Revolutionary Theatre Company’s first ever production!!

Short Stories & Tall Tales is a bumbling comic adventure through history and literature as we meet famous and infamous heroes and villains. In Davy Crocket Goes to Boston we send out best and brightest, well sort of, to find out the difference between the legends of Crockett and the actual life he lead, all while learning about this little-known trip to the bay state. From Crockett’s Congress to the sandy hills of Africa where Lady Jayne Greystoke vs The Mummy shows just how literal literature can be. She fights, she loves, she wins, she loses, Lady Jayne does it all while trying to find the sarcophagus of Hupopteppin, but awaiting her is something just as bad as an undead creature….the Nazis! Fast forwarding from the leather clad bad guys, to early 90’s grunge where we meet Mark and Don in The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Robbery. What makes these two the perfect candidates for stealing art? Well; nothing actually, see if they can pull it off in our version of one of Boston’s biggest mysteries. Finally we go back to the early days of revolution before they began capitalizing the word; The Swashbuckling Adventures of Sam Adams. There is love, sword play, comedy, and not a beer bottle to be seen! Sam Adams and his team must navigate the British occupied colonies in order to find what he searches for most: Liberty!

Written and Directed by Josh Black
Co-Produced by Thera Driscoll and Naomi Olofson-Black

SUNDAY SHOWS 8/27 & 9/3 AT 3PM

Click HERE to order tickets
TICKETS $15 at the door

Part of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Rebecca Nurse Homestead. 
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