Three Sovereigns for Sarah Special Movie Screening

July 19, 2014- 3pm

We will be commemorating the anniversary of Rebecca Nurse’s tragic death with a viewing of Three Sovereigns for Sarah. It was filmed 30 years ago by PBS and tells the true story of three sisters accused of witchcraft in 1692. Rebecca Nurse, Mary Easty, and Sarah Cloyse.
The movie will be shown in our replica Meeting House built for the film 30 years ago. The Meeting house is where many of the events of the witchcraft hysteria really occurred. We will also have movie props from the film on display.

Arrive early at 2:30 for a complimentary tour of the Nurse family home.
Movie is not rated but given the intense subject matter we suggest no children under the age of 12. Please note the run time of the movie is approximately 3hrs.

Admission Adults $10 Seniors/Students $7

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